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FORMAT gentle, alignment-based, flow and restorative hatha yoga styles. Each class begins or ends with breath-work and mindfulness meditation.  Poses are taught to enhance mind-body awareness, coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility with a goal of enhancing everyday posture and overall wellness.

TEACHING TECHNIQUES basic yoga-biomechanics, prop use and safety, functional movement inquiry, demonstrations, partner-work, hands-on adjustments and guided visualization.  


Tuesdays & Thursdays weekly


Class Descriptions

GENTLE II // Chair Yoga



Accessible for all!  Created for seniors and anyone with bone/joint concerns or needing injury prevention and recovery, as well as pre and post surgery modifications (once cleared by doctor to participate).  Explore postures, breath, movement and relaxation with step-by-step instructions at the pace you need.  Practice using support of a chair, seated or standing.  Minimal weight bearing.

TUESDAYS 9:30 - 10:30 am  |  $10 drop-in/ $7 seniors (alternating with Lindsay)

THURSDAYS 9:30 - 10:30 am  |  $10 drop-in/ $7 seniors (assisted by, Lindsay)

The Lutheran Church of Holy Communion  - 2111 Sansom Street



GENTLE II // Mat Basics



Created for new or experienced students seeking a diverse yet accessible yoga practice that breaks down postures and transitions clearly. Refine postures integrating alignment, flow, muscular engagement and restoratives.  Detailed demonstrations throughout. Moderate weight bearing.

TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 10:45 - 11:45  |  $10 drop-in/ $7 seniors

The Lutheran Church of Holy Communion  - 2111 Sansom Street


MIXED LEVEL // Align & Flow



A challenging, steady paced full spectrum practice.  Begin with a warm-up into flow and then longer holds. Detailed alignment and actions in each posture, progressive transitions and basic to intermediate poses including inversions.  Experience encouraged but not required. Moderate to full weight bearing throughout.  

TUES & THURS 12:45 - 1:45  |  Unlimited classes with membership

Sporting Club at the Bellevue  -  224 South Broad Street



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