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Gina Weddle



Sometimes my students ask my recommendations. Here are some of the things I have shared in the past. 

Videos & Apps

  • Insight Meditation Timer link

  • Headspace link

  • Relax into Yoga (video), Carol Krucoff & Kimberly Carson link

  • Podcast: Tara Brach link

Yoga Teachers

To all of my teachers, thank you!

Philly Small Businesses

This is a list of some of the books I recommend for beginning students, mentees and colleagues.  If you have suggestions, please email me yours below!

Books: Asana & Sequencing

  • Hatha Yoga Illustrated, Martin Kirk link

  • The Yoga Practice Guide, Bruce Bowditch link

  • Hatha Yoga in the Anusara Style, Doug Keller link

  • Light on Yoga, BKS Iyengar link

  • A Chair for Yoga Eyal Shifroni, Michael Sela, Ram Amit link

  • Props for Yoga Vol I Eyal Shifroni link

  • Props for Yoga Vol II EyalShifroni & Michael Sela link

  • The Yoga Resource, Darren Rhodes link

Books: Anatomy & Therapeutics


  • Yoga as Therapy Vol I & II, Doug Keller link

  • Redefining the Breath, Doug Keller link

  • Yoga as Medicine, Timothy McCall link

  • Key Poses of Yoga, Ray Long link

  • Key Muscles of Yoga by, Ray Long & Chris Macvior link

  • The Female Pelvis Blandine Calias-Germain link

  • Anatomy & Yoga, A Guide for Teachers and Students, Ellen Saltonstall link

  • Yoga Anatomy, Leslie Kaminoff link

  • Anatomy of Movement, Blandine Calias-Germain link

  • Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery Erick Franklin link

  • Trail Guide to the Body, Andrew Biel link

  • Anatomy of Breathing, Calais Germain link

  • Light on Pranayama, BKS Iyengar link

  • YogaBody, Judith Laster link

Books: Mindfulness & Philosophy

  • Radical Acceptance, Tara Brach link

  • Full Catastrophe Living, Jon Kabat-Zinn link

  • When Things Fall Apart, Pema Chodron link

  • The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle link

  • Zen Mind, Beginners Mind, Shunryn Suzuki link

  • Being Peace, Tich Nhat Hanh link

  • Peace is Every Step, Tich Nhat Hanh link

  • Passage Meditation, Eknath Easwaran link

  • The Mantram Handbook, Eknath Easwaran link

  • The Mirror of Yoga, Richard Freeman link

  • Yoga Body, The Origins of Modern Yoga Posture Practice, Mark Singleton link

  • The Yoga Tradition, Georges Feuerstein link

  • Wisdom of Yoga, Carlos Pomeda link

Books: Gentle & Specialty

  • Relax & Renew, Judith Laster link

  • Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis, Loren Fishman link

  • Yoga for Arthritis, Loren Fishman MD & Ellen Saltonstall link

  • Yoga for Osteoporosis, Ellen Saltonstall & Loren Fishman MD link

  • Healing Moves Carol Krucoff & Micheal Krucoff MD link

  • Yoga Sparks Carol Krucoff link

  • Yoga For Pain Relief Kelly McGonigal link

  • Yoga for Back Pain Loren Fishman MD & Carol Ardman link

  • 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back, Ester Gokhale link

  • A Time to Align (Pre & Post Natal Yoga), Sue Elkind link