Welcome, I'm Gina Weddle...

My mission is to share accessible yoga that supports my students in achieving greater health, strength in body, ease of mind and lightness of heart.  I aim to provide rich contemplative learning experiences - from simple tools for everyday movement awareness to more challenging full body confidence building practices.



I specialize in reaching beginners and helping students to overcome limitations.  I offer mixed level, gentle, basics and chair yoga classes. I teach  private lessons to students who desire a tailored lesson to progress their practice more effectively.  


If you liked something I said, well, I got it from one of the amazing teachers I have met. My teaching style incorporates the therapuetic benefits of gentle and alignment-based hatha yoga, breathing techniques, mindfulness meditation and flowing movement practices.   


My students inspire me.  They are dedicated and uplifting people. They empower me to be a better person and teacher. I deeply appreciate my students.  A special thanks to those who have reccommended me.